December 2020 Workshop 3 Module Challenge!

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As you may have heard we are doing a fun challenge for the December workshop.  A 3 Module Challenge with a Twist!  The twist is that you can use up to 3 modules – accolades and adulation will be the reward for those who can do something “musical” in a single module.  Musical being in quotes because as we all know, music IS subjective 🙂  We hope that you would like to participate and if you would like to please continue reading for more details.  If not, remember to tune in to our YouTube channel on December 12th for the premiere!

Unfortunately, with any of these challenges we need to have some rules and we hope you think these are as loose and fun as we do!

Here they are:

  1. No single voice modules – so no module that has a VCO/VCF/VCA built in.  Examples include but are not limited to Mutable Instruments Elements and Intellijel Atlantis.
    1. However, if that is all you have we will consider each individual section to be a module 🙂
  2. Output modules are NOT considered to be part of the 3 module count.
  3. Submit a video, no-longer than 3 minutes where you briefly describe your patch and then play it.
  4. Videos longer than 3 minutes will be cut at 3 minutes.
  5. The usual “no mobile phone audio” requirement for our videos is waved for this… we want you to participate!
  6. Those who do not have a modular synth are welcome to participate with a semi-modular synth with the following provisions
    1. The various components that make up your semi-modular synth all count as modules.  VCO, Filter, VCA, Sequencer, LFO, etc. all count as modules and you are limited to 3.
    2. No computer is to be used in the sound generation or control (no computer based MIDI, Clock, etc.
    3. A MIDI keyboard is considered to be a module the same way a modular keyboard would be, but trust me – we would rather see you be more creative than that!

To submit a video, please reach out via the contact form and we will send you an upload link.  We will publish every video submitted.  Obviously we won’t be able to publish videos with technical issues that we are not able to resolve with you.

Be creative and have fun!  Looking forward to seeing your videos!