February 2019 Workshop Announcement

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Always Free! No tickets required 🙂

Have you ever wanted to take some gear to the park or camping? Wondered how you might get power, or how you could mix and record those nature inspired performances? Paul Stillwell is going to talk about this topic and the design of his evolving battery operated jam rig. He may even perform something with it while running on battery power, of course!

Derek Simmons will also do a little talk on modular synths and performance. Focusing thoughts on module selection and module placement in a performance case.

Performing this month:
Matt Nish-Lapidus fresh off an awesome Album Launch performance at Handlebar on Jan 31 and Les Hartai who was last heard at the December workshop in a memorable duet with Angus Tarnawsky. Derek Simmons who returned to FF last month after being MIA for a while due to work responsibilities is also going to perform

Check out some of Les’ sound here: https://greenheavycanvas.bandcamp.com/

Check out Matt’s new album here: https://sm-ll.bandcamp.com/album/batch-0008 and older stuff here: https://newtendencies.bandcamp.com/

Check out Paul’s music here:

Check out some of Derek’s music here: https://soundcloud.com/rezzn8r