Frequency Freaks Workshop – April 2022

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This month we’re focusing on our community of amazing musicians!  

We want to hear from you no matter your level of experience.  We know it takes a lot of courage to record and submit a performance but trust us, once you do, you will want to do it again!  Remember, if you need some help with recording please reach out for help in our FaceBook group or on our Discord server.  There are no silly questions – we want to get you recording and participating!  If you are shy or nervous about showing your face in the video, don’t!  Simply do the classic video of hands playing 🙂

If you are looking for instructions on how to record and upload your performance, please see our Facebook Group or Discord server for instructions and links. To keep up to date with everything going on – including calls for performances and workshop announcements, please join our e-mail list here.