Frequency Freaks Workshop June 13 – Collaboration

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The next workshop is from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm ‘ish on June 13
Please join us online at our YouTube Channel!

This month we will be joined by Dakota Melin and Rich Sherkin (Lower West Side Studio) to talk about collaboration, who they are collaborating with and maybe who they aren’t 😉

Keeping to the theme of collaboration we are going to be doing some of that ourselves as detailed in our previous workshop.  In case you didn’t see it that workshop is on our YouTube Channel along with the previous workshop and some other interesting things.

The gist of it is that we are going to facilitate some random collaborations.  To participate please reply to this e-mail and let us know that would like to participate, your name and if there is a preferred genre you would like to work in.  You are encouraged to not put a genre so that you get the opportunity to stretch and maybe do something brand new!  We have had some people come forward but there is still plenty of room so please reply by Wednesday May 27 to allow ample time for everyone to make their track.  Barring a zombie apocalypse we will be letting the collaborators know who their partners are on Thursday the 28th.  Tracks should be submitted as stereo .wav files no later than midnight June 10.

Along with the music collaboration and to keep things interesting for our virtual YouTube audience (that’s you!) we would like some volunteers to do visuals for these performances too!  Visuals can be live or pre-recorded video, a series of still images, whatever. We are anticipating 5 or 6 tracks.  Please reply if you are interested in working on the visual aspects of this!  Visual artists will be partnered with the music collaborators to facilitate the creation of the video.