Frequency Freaks Workshop #1 – March 19, 2016

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Workshop #1 2pm – 6pm

Update 20160312

Matt has provided this little teaser for his talk next Saturday.  “In this track I have not used any filters .. Just the NW1 and a step sequencer multi tracked, with some delays and verbs from the sputnik 4 tap, and intelijel springray.” 

We are really excited about our new home at the Arraymusic Studio at 155 Walnut Ave in Toronto!

Moog Audio is presenting a talk by Matt Thibideau and we still have slots open for performance or other talks.  The current plan is for Matt to speak about the new Waldorf nw1 – the original ppg wave bank, making user wave tables, etc.

Please reach out to us if you would like to bring your modular synth and/or perform so we can make sure there is enough space and time.

Frequency Freaks Flyer 1b complete