March 2021 Call for Video Performances

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Our birthday celebration just wouldn’t be complete without YOUR performance video.  Level of experience doesn’t matter, we want to hear from everyone and we always have room for performances!  The more the merrier so crank up your inspiration mojo and start recording!  Whether it’s your first time or your 50th, we want to hear from you.  Help us make this birthday special!  Anywhere from 2-15 minutes is great 🙂

Make your recording

  • Mobile phone video is great, mobile phone audio is not. 
  • Record in your DAW at the same time as you record your video.
  • Open a video editor – most of them should let you do the next steps.
  • Use the embedded audio in the video from your phone to line up the audio you exported from your DAW.
  • Disable the audio track that was embedded in the video.  (sometimes this is done for you)
  • Export the video

When you are ready to submit:

  • Name the file:
    • PerformanceName_Firstname_Lastname_FF_March_2021.mp4
    • IMPORTANT NOTE – performances submitted without the verifiable real name of the performer will not be included in the workshop video
    • .mp4 and .mov are preferred
  • To upload your files, reach out to us through the contact form on the web site.
  • Make sure you allow enough time for us to respond so you can upload before the deadline at midnight on March 7th.
    • Include links to your bandcamp page / youtube channel / soundcloud / web page in a separate text file that has the same name but ends with .txt