January 2022 Frequency Freaks Workshop

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Happy New Year!   We hope this note finds you well, and if it doesn’t we hope it lifts your spirits and that the workshop provides inspiration to get you through!

This time our focus is on Micro Sound & Granular Synthesis!  We have a really interesting panel discussion with Michael Brooker, thispatcher (Michael Palumbo), Intrepita (Paul Stillwell) and some additional special guests!  Of course we are always interested in performance videos from you as well!  You will receive a bounty of karma bonus points if you use some micro sounds or granular synthesis  in your performance but it isn’t a requirement!  Please join us for the event as it premieres on YouTube so you can participate in the live chat.  Instructions for sending in your performance videos are below.

Upload instructions:

We want to hear from you no matter your level of experience.  It might seem like it takes a lot of courage to record and submit a performance but trust us, once you do it, you will want to do it again!  Remember, if you need some help with recording please reach out for help in our FaceBook group or on our Discord server.  There are no silly questions – we want to get you recording and participating!

Make your recording

  • Mobile phone video is great, mobile phone audio is not. 
  • Record in your DAW at the same time as you record your video.
    • If you are in a place where you have to use headphones, try taking the Tape Out from your mixer as line input to your camera.
  • Make any EQ or compression tweaks to the audio and then export it.
    • Don’t chop the audio up otherwise the next part may not work so well
  • Open a video editor – most of them should let you do the next steps.
  • Import the video from your phone or whatever camera you used
  • Import the audio that you exported from your DAW
  • Most video editors should let you use the embedded audio in the video from your phone to line up the audio you exported from your DAW.
    • If you can’t do this simply line up the audio manually – nobody will mind if it is a little off – most of the time we won’t be able to tell anyway!
  • Disable the audio track that was embedded in the video.  (sometimes this is done for you)
  • Export the video

When you are ready to submit:

  • Name the file:
    • PerformanceName_Firstname_Lastname_FF_January_2022.mp4
    • IMPORTANT NOTE – performances submitted without the verifiable real name of the performer will not be included in the workshop video
    • .mp4 and .mov are preferred
  • Reach out to us using the contact form so you can upload your performance before Midnight, January 20th.
    • This is a dropbox link
  • Include links to your bandcamp page / youtube channel / soundcloud / web page in a separate text file that has the same name but ends with .txt