Happy New Year!

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Hey everyone, this is long, personal, from the heart, and also a first for me. I don’t really do year end, mushy holiday fluff.

Stuff happened this year. To all of us. As I take moments here and there to reflect on the year past, I realize that it wasn’t all bad, there was some really incredible stuff and as I am a glass half full kinda guy (yes, there were some moments this year when even that has been a struggle) I want to focus on the good things. There has been so much focus on the negative as we collectively kick 2020 in the ass tonight I want to make sure remember the good stuff too.

At the beginning of March I thought to myself “well – I guess that’s it for Frequency Freaks”. By the end of March some of you were kicking me in the ass to move the workshops online. We did that – and boy that first one was rough! Remember that? LoL! When I made the title screen and named the video I had no idea we would have to be apart this long. I thought one video was all we were going to do. Wow – I was very wrong!

We are still apart and there are now 7 workshops on our YouTube channel. This is not a bad thing though… WE have 7 workshops on OUR YouTube Channel!!! These videos represent our community sharing our collective knowledge with the world and (hopefully) making a positive impact by sharing creative ideas and thoughts that inspire others to try new things.
When I said that WE did that I meant it! There would not have been a single video posted on OUR channel this past year if it weren’t for YOUR contributions.

The diversity we share in personality, thoughts, abilities, and experiences along with the bond we all share through music and other creative pursuits are a positive force that binds us all and creates a unique friendship. This, more than anything, shines through in the videos and the reactions people share in the live chat during the premieres. WE have collectively made a statement that WE will support each other no matter who we are and what style of art we make. WE support and nurture creativity. WE allow the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them because WE will support and help each other.  This is powerful!

There have been some pretty cool milestones in our lives this year. Some were bigger and more difficult than others and some were small.  All were significant!  Some of you made huge personal changes. Some of you began your synth journey this year, some began their modular journey! Many of you released your first album, and some of you released more than one!  Some compiled benefit releases to help others in need, and some branched out to follow other creative pursuits like video and photography. Some asked their first questions on our Facebook group this year and all of us have learned from the questions asked and the answers generously provided by others.

You are inspiring!
Let’s draw on our collective creative energy and positivity and use it to inspire each other through 2021.

Big hugs from my family to yours and best wishes for success (whatever success may mean for you) and good health through 2021 and beyond!

Happy New Year Everyone!